Legend of the Drip Brew Master

Of all the methods to make coffee, the drip brew method seems to be most common with Americans. Based on my experience, any time I am in the house of any coffee drinker there is always a drip brew coffee maker.

Despite its popularity, drip brew receives a lot of criticism. The coffee it produces can lack some of the flavor or boldness that other methods have. Regardless of the criticism, drip brew is an extremely easy and effective method of making coffee that involves little cleaning.

Basically, the drip brew machine has three compartments: the water storage, the coffee grounds storage, and the coffee pot.

To begin, the desired amount of coffee’s worth of water is poured into the water storage compartment. Then coffee, if it is in its whole bean form, must be ground to a fine powder. This can be rather tricky because some grinders require a bit of finesse to get the right fineness.  The grounds are then placed into a coffee filter which is placed into the coffee compartment. A good ratio to remember is two tablespoons of coffee per six ounces of water. Finally, turn on the coffee maker and Presto!, coffee.  The coffee will drip down into the coffee pot.

Cleaning up a drip brew is as easy as removing the coffee filter with all the grounds and throwing it out, and cleaning the coffee pot.

People who don’t have a lot of time to dedicate to coffee preparation can appreciate this method because of its simplicity. Many drip brew machines can be prepared the previous night and preprogrammed to run at a set time so that a coffee lover can wake up to a fresh made pot of coffee.

It’s clear to see why this may be the preferred method, but there are some people that may insist that drip brew machines produce inferior coffee. I personally think that it is a even trade to have coffee that may be inferior but is prepared easily and with little clean up. I personally use a French press (which will be covered shortly) and it is a pain in the neck to clean and prepare it for each use.

If you don’t mind/notice coffee quality and are looking for an easy cup of coffee, drip brew is the method for you.


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